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New Connection Test: Session ID

Java support is required to run MySpeed

Session ID (SID) is a feature of the Professional, NOC and Support Editions. The session ID test enables you to query the end-user for a reference name or alias to be logged with the test when it completes. This allows support technicians to quickly identify the corresponding test results, and track all the connection tests conducted by a single user or group of users over an extended period of time.

You can set the SID to ask the end-user to enter a text string, such as their name or employee number, or set the SID so the user cannot change it. This option allows you to pre-validate a user/password logon and then set the username as the SID in the web page. Moreover, you can create multiple web pages utilizing the same applet but with different SIDs, providing an effective means to identify test results of different groups of end-users based on the web page presented.

In this example, the SID is activated by setting the ‘SID’ parameter to ‘Enter your name’ (view the HTML source code of this web page to see the applet parameters). You can also set the Session ID in the Applet Configuration, Applet Display option.